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Q.1 : What is vacuum packaging and where is it recommended?
A : Vacuum packaging is the process of removing atmospheric air from inside a flexible pouch generally filled with material and seal the pouch under that condition. Vacuum packaging is recommended for increasing the shelf-life of perishable items where presence of oxygen is detrimental to the longevity of product freshness. Vacuum packaging is also recommended for reduction in volume in some cases.
Q.2 : What is nitrogen or inert gas packing?
A : The process of controlled purging of inert gas inside a flexi pouch and sealing the mouth of the pouch with gas inside in sequence, is called inert gas packing. You can vacuummize and purge the pouch inside the INDVAC chamber type machine or you can vacuummize and purge or only purge a flexi pouch in INDVAC nozzle type machine.
Q.3 : Do I have to use special pouches for vacuum packing?
A : Yes, the conventional monolayer pouches are not suitable as they do not have barrier property. You need to use multi layer pouches with either polyester, nylon or aluminium foil barrier layers.
Q.4 : Can I pack small packs of 50 or lOOgms upto 25kgs. to 5Okgs. in the same machine?
A : Technically, yes but practically and from the cost economics point of view, it is better to have an INDVAC dedicated retail consumer pack machine for small pouches upto 2kg. and INDVAC bigger horizontal or vertical machine for 5kg. 10kg. 25kg. 50kg. etc. depending on the nature of the product. At any point, you can click our inquiry form and send your details to enable us to promptly assist you in selecting the model.
Q.5 : What is moulded vacuum packaging and how can I pack in brick form?
A : Moulded vacuum packaging is the process done with the pouches placed inside a cubical or cylindrical shaped former. Moulded vacuum packaging can be useful in optimizing the usage of volume either in storing or a container stuffing in case of exports.
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